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Your Hawks' Club Team of the Year 2020-21

Captain's Welcome

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the Cambridge University Rugby League Football Club 2020/2021.

Rugby league is a game that has a special place in our hearts. Unfortunately, this year a full pre-season wasn’t viable, but in a way the entire Michaelmas Term has become a pre-season of sorts with no matches until Lent Term. This is a huge departure from the normal BUCS structure and we’re trying to see the positives. By the time we hit Lent Term, I fully expect to see one of the fittest and most well-drilled CURLFC teams to wear the jersey — tearing through the league in preparation for the Varsity Match.

This year, we aim to cement ourselves as a leading team in the division, with at least a top-two finish in the league. Let’s not kid ourselves though, we fully expect to win the division and all of our training is geared towards that. However, this year we are at the mercy of factors outside our control, with coronavirus to contend with on top of the inevitable injuries players pick up throughout the season. Moving on to the Varsity Match 2021, our sights on a Cambridge win against O*ford are ever-present in the team’s mind. Little more needs to be said at this point, we all know our goals and we have an actionable plan in place to achieve them.

Now to talk development. Our aims this year are to continue fortifying the rugby league brand within Cambridge. Our use of social media, advertisement, and Club stash has already seen great success in promoting the professionalism of this great Club and driving further recruitment of players across all years. Members of the committee this year have done a fantastic job in navigating the minefield of rules & regulations set by the government, the RFL, and the University to bring the best version of the game possible at every single training session that we have. This hard work allows us to continue to develop players, old and new, in the way we have in the past, with minimal disruption.

Valued immensely within the Club and envied by other teams throughout Cambridge is the enthusiastic off-the-field social aspect of the game. With current times, this has obviously had to be taken in a completely new direction this season. I know our current Social Secretary is looking to replicate this off-the-field success (within the current regulations) to allow a safe return of the social as soon as possible.

I offer one piece of advice to anyone reading this: get in touch. We have players of all backgrounds, personalities, and levels of experience within the Club — all united by a love of the game which enriches the Club in a way I cannot put into words. I will conclude by saying this Club has been the highlight of my time so far at Cambridge and, in the words of previous captain Jack Beevers, “I am soooo excited” to see where this team will end up in a year’s time.


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