CURLFC elects 2016-2017 committee

Following on from our AGM last month, CURLFC can now announce our new committee, for the upcoming season.

Craig Winfield, who was captain for the 2015/2016 season, will be taking over the role of President. In doing so he will be following in the footsteps of his older brother, Andy Winfield and filling the sizeable void that will be left by the graduation of John Cormie. “John has done a great job over the past 12 months and has certainly left big boots to fill. However, I’m pleased to say we’ve elected a strong committee this year and I don’t doubt, that with their help, the club can make large forward strides.” He said.

Promising fresher Miles Huppatz will be taking over the role of captain this year. During the 2015/2016 season Miles played a large role not only in CURLFC but was also selected to represent south-east England students. Unfortunately, injury ruled Miles out of the all-important varsity match however he is determined to help change CURLFC’s fortunes over the coming 12 months

Tim Hillel, Matthew French and Adam Bartlett, all from downing, will be taking over the roles of Junior treasurer, social media secretary and social secretary, respectively. Their presence on the committee highlights the huge Downing college contingent in the side and we are proud to see Tim’s love of the club still enduring after 5 years with CURLFC.

The committee is completed by Corey Robinson, equipment secretary, and Jack Fernon who will be assuming the position of fixtures secretary.

The enthusiasm and hard-work of the incoming committee so far suggests a bright future is just around the corner for CURLFC.