Joining the Club

you’re coming to Cambridge
for the first time, or if you’re returning and looking to start playing Rugby
League then this is the place for you.

We’re a very tight knit club which is open to players of
all standards. We place a large emphasis on really developing our players and
also have a vibrant social side to the club.

Joining the club is easy; you simply need to come down to one of
our training sessions.

If you are starting at Cambridge
this year then we understand that you will probably struggle to make it to the
pre season. That’s fine; you won’t be at a disadvantage for not coming. Instead
come talk to us at the fresher’s fair on Tuesday and Wednesday and then come
down to the first training session on the Saturday.  

If you are interested in playing then we’d love to hear from you,
so drop us an email. Andy:   Tim: