Alumni Membership

Dear Old Boys,

It is with great excitement that we write to you outlining our plans for Old Boy membership to the Cambridge University Rugby League Football Club.

The previous 4 years have seen the Club build momentum both on and off the field. This is characterised by narrowing Varsity deficits, leading to our eventual Varsity triumph in 2021, as well as the re-introduction of Old Boys Day in 2020. As such, we now feel we are in the position to push the Club to the next level, establishing an active and engaged Old Boys community. With very high ambitions for the Club, we feel the best way to achieve this goal is through the introduction of an annual Club membership scheme.

This membership scheme aims to connect the club further as we celebrate our 40th Varsity anniversary in 2021 and begin to operate with more freedom post-Covid. Through the membership scheme, we hope to build a network of over 500 Old Boys, generating a community which we can celebrate annually together at Old Boys Day and Varsity. This community will create a forum for re-connecting, networking, and sharing stories of past Varsity triumphs.

For the Club, this scheme will be massive, providing reliable annual inflows to cater for ambitions to grow the Club on and off the field. It is our hope that through the support of our Old Boys and continued sponsorship, we will soon be able to field two competitive sides and explore the opportunity of gaining our own facilities. As well as this, we will be able to attract players from across the university to play and take pride in representing the green lion. The introduction of this membership system in early 2021 was one of many factors that we felt was a rising tide that pushed us to end 12 years of Varsity pain in 2021. We hope this momentum will continue to build, as the Club looks to dominate our BUCS division and strive for first and second team Varsity wins in 2022.

Proposed Club membership will take the following form:

£120 annual membership (£60 for recent graduates*)

Membership will include:

  • Annual Varsity matchday tickets 
  • Annual Old Boys dinner tickets (3-course dinner and wine included)
  • Termly Club newsletters
  • Invitation to Old Boys Day (match & reception)
  • Access to Club merchandise (including the new PlayerLayer kit!)
  • Club membership card
  • Inclusion in the annual raffle for a CURLFC Varsity Match shirt

*recent graduate denotes having graduated from the University of Cambridge within the last 3 years.

Membership to the Club can be accessed via the following link, where you will then be added to a mailing list for further information, updates and news:

It is our hope that together we can build a thriving Old Boys community to aid and share in the aspirations and successes of the Club moving into the future.

Thank you for your continued support in developing our Club and the reputation of the green lion. Best wishes and a happy new year.

The Committee of 2020-2021

The Committee of 2021-2022